Monday, July 29, 2013

The Tilted Kilt

When:Thurs, July 25, 2013

Where:  1151 Silas Deane Hwy
              Wethersfield, CT 6109
              860- 257-8458
Thursday wasn't a good day for my mom, who's 85 and me. My cousin had just died and although it was expected (he had ALS for 2 yrs), here we were, going to the wake. To avoid the highway traffic at 5pm during the week, we turned off I-91 and skirted down Silas Deane Cromwell. I passed a restaurant called The Tilted Kilt and, being of Scottish descent, I thought we'd hit it on the way home for dinner.

Okay, so here's the deal.
I hadn't planned on going here for those of you who know what was in store for us... I kind of had an idea that maybe it was gonna be that kind of pub, if you know what I mean, when I saw the scantily clad girls (IN KILTS, mind you) painted on the doors. And hey, it's a pub. Didn't think it would be so noisy, but ... that's a pub!

Our hostess/waitress came up and offered to seat us. Yes, she had on a plaid kilt. Very short. Complete with a sporron. Yes, it matched the top, kind of...The top was really a plaid bathing suit top with a white short sleeved top over it, but not buttoned. It was tied, in just the right way to have her cleavage showing (some were showing more than others). They had kilt hose with garter flashes  and scottish dancing shoes. Great uniform!  But I must say, the waitresses were very good. It made me think of a Scottish "Hooters"... My mom was a little surprised and giggled, but was polite when they came to take our order.

Okay.... now for the food. I was hoping to see more Scottish fare, but I did see fish and chips (which I ordered), and mom had a hot turkey club sandwich with sweet potato fries (very good). I only ordered it because I saw a bottle of Gourmet Malt Vinegar on the table. Can't have the chips without it!! I must say our waitress, Carrie AND our food was VERY good.
The cole slaw was 'ok', but not my favorite (I'm not sure I HAVE a favorite), and the fish was so flaky and tender. Done Excellently!

She even came and told us how nice it was to see some ladies in the establishment for a change. They get a few, but not many. She asked us if we knew it was gonna be "this kind of place", sweeping her hands across the short kilt. "No, not until we got to the doors, but we still came in"...

All and all, we had a nice dinner, except for the noise level. Hard to talk to each other, but hey,... they did have the Scottish flag up above us. Made me feel better.

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  1. Glad you gave the Tilted Kilt a chance! I'm a new kilt girl and really trying to look into the ups and downs of the job. You have definitely enlightened me and have given me some hope that this new job will be a good change :) thank you